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It warms our hearts to be able to help young, talented people like Steven achieve their dreams. Here is Steven’s story in his own words:

Hi, my name is Steven Hawksworth and I am a 24 year old care-experienced person. I have just finished my Master’s in Social Work and I am currently working as a social worker, helping looked after children. The Samantha Sykes Foundation Trust made it possible for me to complete my social work Master’s qualification. I was told by the local authority that they would support me to complete my course, but, prior to the course starting, they withdrew the support, leaving me unable to start the course.

My leaving Care Advisor made me aware of an organisation that he had come across and how it was worth having a conversation with them. The foundation agreed to support me through the course. What this meant was that I was able to achieve my dreams and work with vulnerable children and their families. I have now been accepted to complete a Doctorate in Education to gain a greater understanding of looked after children’s education and how we can help increase their potential.

The foundation have not only helped me, but also many of the children which I work with, helping to increase their attainment and make the journey through care smoother for them.

I will forever be grateful for the support I received from The Samantha Sykes Foundation Trust and I will continue to try and repay them by putting 100% into my work and helping to create a better future for looked after children.

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