Applications are invited from any professional organisation or body, including private tutors and tertiary educational providers, GP’s, Social Workers, Local Authority or Health workers, Police, Youth workers etc.   No monies are allocated directly to individuals, funds are made payable through professional bodies or institutions only. If you are a either victim of child sexual exploitation, in the care of the Local Authority or a care leaver and believe you could be eligible for funding, we would ask you contact someone who can verify your eligibility and ask them to submit the application on your behalf.  Alternatively, self-referral is also an option, but we may have to contact a professional person/organisation to verify your eligibility. If you have any queries regarding this please contact us via our Contact page.

Follow the Application Form link below to get started:

Funding Application Form
Follow Up Form


  • Therapeutic interventions

  • Equipment required to access further & higher education

  • Books

  • Course equipment

  • Travel passes

  • Short courses required to access higher education


  • To be aged up to and including 25 years

  • You need to be a victim or at high risk of child sexual exploitation to access therapeutic interventions

  • You need to be in the care of the local authority or a care leaver to access support to attain further or higher education

  • We accept applications from professional bodies such as care workers, tutors, the local authority, educational establishments, health professionals, police, etc.

  • Self-referrals are also welcome – please get in touch if in doubt

Important: Please Read before completing your application: 

The Samantha Sykes Foundation Trust’s primary purpose is to help young people where we can.  Before completing your application, please collate as much detail as possible, without the right level of detail your application may be rejected.

Section 16 of your application gives you an opportunity to tell us why we should support your young person.  We need to know why their family, foster carer, Local Authority etc. are not helping with support or funding. Many young people are entitled to funding or support from the Local Authority or Central Government, has this been considered?

If you are applying for equipment or books, please take the time to identify exactly what your young person requires i.e. the make and specification of the laptop. Internet sites such as Argos, John Lewis, Amazon or PC World have a range of IT products that may match the young person’s needs.  If possible, please copy and paste a hyperlink to the product you would like us to purchase, this would be very helpful.  Please take the time to help us, so that we can help you and your young person.


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