Countryside Properties Donate £5,000

Countryside Properties

Countryside Properties  create communities people want to be a part of. With over 60 years’ experience, they specialise in urban regeneration to build beautiful, welcoming homes and create strong communities across London, the South East, the North West of England, Yorkshire and the West Midlands.

What their website does not tell you is what else they do, and how they help communities, their ethics are clear to see, their website does cover their policy on modern slavery but does not clearly tell people of the work they do with local charities.   Following the beautiful development at City Fields Wakefield, one of the Countryside Properties Team  asked some of the new residents for feedback on the area.  One new resident, Sarah Heppenstall, told them of the local charity, The Samantha Sykes Foundation Trust, following that discussion Countryside Properties contacted us and after listening to what we do made a very generous donation of £5,000.

  • This donation will go directly to help young people in the local area.

  • Countryide Properties once again have put money directly back in to the community, where they build beautiful homes.

  • The Samantha Sykes Foundation will ensure thier very generous donation is well spent.

Our sincere thanks go to Countryside Properties & Sarah Heppenstall

During “ Lockdown” we have seen an increase in demand for items such as laptops, printers,  and even a sewing machine, as we all know Covid 19 has forced many students to work from home, continuing their studies online but this is not possible for so many,  as many Care Leavers or young people still in the Care of The Local Authority have no family or financial support to allow them to do that.   The donation from Countryside Properties will go directly to help fund this.  As The Samantha Sykes Foundation has no paid Trustees, volunteers or staff we can assure everyone that the full £5,000 will be spent on equipment to help young people in the local area.  We would like to thank Sarah and Countryside Properties for helping us to make a difference, as always we like to remind everyone…..

“Your Money Well Spent”

Eric Sykes Trustee

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As long as young people, either in the local authority care system or care leavers are disadvantaged and young people remain victims of child sexual exploitation, missed opportunities, injustice & violence persist. While this is happening, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life. Get in touch with the Samantha Sykes Foundation today and start making the difference.